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We are iguana removal specialists. The Florida iguana is not native to Florida, and is considered a nuisance pest species. These animals breed quickly, and have infested our canals, yards, and boat docks. Our company has developed expert trapping, snaring, and control methods to keep the iguana population in check. We do an excellent job of significantly reducing the total amount of iguanas on any given property. We have been known to remove more than a dozen iguanas from a property at a time, and this total removal tends to keep them away for a long time. Over the years we have grown very adept at iguana control and iguana trapping in South Florida and surrounding areas. Call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers any time at 407-499-8852 to discuss your lizard problem and to schedule an appointment.

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Damage Done By Iguanas

Iguanas were imported to the U.S. as pets, but through escape and illegal release, they have become pests. While Iguanas may seem to be a beautiful and exotic addition to the South Florida landscape, the unfortunate truth is, they do much more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to call an iguana control and removal service for iguana problems.

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Iguanas dig tunnel networks near water, so their nests can destroy the integrity of seawalls, pool piping, and pool walls. These pests can also deliver a nasty bite, as well as a painful slap with their whip like tail. Add to this the danger of salmonella being transmitted to humans and pets by their droppings, and it’s not hard to see why Iguanas are not a desired feature to your property, home, or business.

The state of Florida regulates how Iguanas can be trapped, relocated, or destroyed, so we do not recommend you try getting rid of iguanas yourself. Instead, call us. We are licensed and trained in iguana control for the South Florida, Orlando, Tampa, and other surrounding areas of Florida.

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